Some said its a film about Hope and possibly dreams, through the eyes of the youth. Or to better put it, the fight for the 'right to dream'. The misfits in Faeryville dream on and fight on, asking the question, 'why then do they fight', when it is a fight they were never meant to win.

"We fight, and we fight on, to remind ourselves that we still can. We fight, so we know, we still have a soul." says POE in the closing note of the film. Tzang himself has said in an interview with SINdie that Faeryville was made to address his own concerns about youth and our increasingly surreal world.

"I wrote Faeryville to address my own fears and concerns about what’s happening in the world today, with the youth of this generation, dealing with issues kids of the 60s-90s, never had to deal with. What’s it like growing up in the Post 9-11 world where nothing is right or wrong anymore? Has idealism become a dangerous thing?" -- Tzang M. / SINdie Interview

But what is FAERYVILLE about? We had a test screening to youth under 20 years old, and these are some of what they wrote in the survey forms.
"It's a film for misfits who don't fit in to know that they are not alone." - Ungkur Omar R., 17
"To fight despite the reaction that you have, and to fight for what you believe in." - Syaqila, 17
"A group of Nobodies who are always being bullied, they want to be somebody." - Joselyn Chua, 18

What are YOUR thoughts on what Faeryville is about? Please comment.

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