What is FAERYVILLE really about? Friendship. Idealism. Disillusionment. Anarchy? Fitting in? Fear of the world? We've been getting a myriad of feedback ever since our launch in Singapore.

So far, young people under 20, being the age where they are still trying to find themselves, tend to connect most with FAERYVILLE.

"The Nobodies are the show-stealers. They remind us of simpler times when we had nothing to fight for."

"Four months away from graduation, that's all the time we've left, to truly find ourselves.... wow... mindblown!"

"The film makes us think about our childhood and how we have been bullied and how we later become bullies ourselves." 

"The casting is fantastic. The Nobodies are awesome."

For audiences over 20, we get an interesting 60/40 split, with some really loving, and some absolutely hating the film.

"What's the point?" says an audience member. "You make us sympathise with the Nobodies, and you make them such fall-able cowards, and you destroy them. Why do this to us? Why bother making a film like that?"

"We wonder what the director is trying to say with this?
To get out there and quit life?"

People with strong convictions, a strong sense of purpose and a desire for triumph, tend to hate Faeryville, which is what director Tzang says he is comfortable with.

"Faeryville forces you to question your ideals." says Tzang in an interview before. "Faeryville exposes audiences to the vulnerable truth that we can all fail, or that we all know nothing, and thus should be afraid about fighting for anything."

Not everyone can roll with that. We've been fed the 'take a stand', 'fight for what you believe', 'live/die for something or fall for anything' trope for so long. It's this very idea that is turning us into divisive people championing cause after cause, turning against each other so we can be part of something, and perhaps that's why Faeryville is so relevant.

Mature audiences who love the film often highlight how brave the film is, exposing the truth, that ideology can be a dangerous thing.

Here are some thoughts.

"It's about fighting on, even though you don't stand a chance."

"It's about the world, the powerful and the powerless,
and how we still have to get by."

"Faeryville is an astounding gut-twister of a film. Tzang Merwyn Tong’s allegory of the relationship between society and rebellion will have you questioning who you are for a long time. It stands both idealism and cynicism on their heads."
- Dr. Gwee Li Sui, Poet / Literary Critic

"Nothing is right or wrong anymore... this film says it, masterfully."

"Faeryville is not just timely, it's timeless. I admire the Director's courage in killing (this character). The writer in me truly appreciates that he was meticulous enough to close all the loops (such a rare commodity in movies these days, agh! haha…), and so skillfully, managed to do it without imposing on the audience and still left it up to them to make their own decisions about right or wrong or neither."
- Farah Bagharib, Copywriter 

What do you think Faeryville is really about? 
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