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“In quoting others, we cite ourselves.”
― Julio Cortázar, Around the Day in Eighty Worlds

Here are just some of the Quotable Lines that people remember in Tzang Merwyn Tong's Faeryville (2015). Write to us and let us know what lines you want to include, and we'll have a Part 2 of this. 

POE: We're used to being pushed around. Like it or not, fraternities rule. We've come to accept it.


CK: Why are we here?
TAURUS: It's Friday night.
CK: Exactly. It's Friday night.
TAURUS: Must it always be video games night after night, do you really wanna waste your youth on video games?

POE: Welcome to Faeryville. The college of the stars. A place where future leaders are born. Here stands the statue of Mother Saint.

And a gun to ensure that power… stands in the hands… of the order in power… (grinning to camera) but if you ask me…

CHLOE: THere you go again.

POE: (ignoring CHLOE) It's not about power. It's about fear. Fear of losing control.

POE: How am I ruining your documentary Miss Chloe?
CHLOE: By pretending to be a smart ass. Can't you just be normal.
POE: You want to be normal?

POE: [to Chloe] Listen. We all know how fear and power controls everything. But what we don't know is that those in power are actually the ones who are afraid. Guns. MOther Saint is holding a gun because she's afraid of losing control.


POE: What do you see?
TAURUS: Chicks. (Shouting over the music) Lots of chicks doin' hot chick stuff.
CK: What hot chick stuff? I wanna see! (Stretching his neck)


CHLOE: That’s why you’re always trying to do. Always getting yourself into trouble, and getting your ass kicked, and then you come back and talk about revenge. but then it never works out. you just get into more trouble.

POE: Chloe... come on. How long have I known you? Twelve years? I’ve never known you to be afraid of trouble.

CHLOE: Not afraid. I just choose my own (walks off).

POE: (a beat) Me too.


Poe: Don't you guys ever give up.
CK: No, we don't. You want us to give up so you can call us losers.


POE: Frat Parties are exactly what you expect it to be. Parties like these belong to the privileged ones in our privileged school. THese are the same kids who pick on us everyday. The ones who call us losers and make us feel like … Nobodies.


POE: That's us. That's what we do. We run away. We escape. Nothing matters - when you're a nobody. You dress up, mess up. And try to get away with it if you can.

We have nothing to care about...
Four months away from graduation.
That's all the time we've left. To truly find ourselves.

To find meaning in our lives - the nonsense - outside the parties and the politics. I don't know.

We're the Nobodies - we've no purpose and no need for one. Tired of trying to fit in - happy to be who we are than try to be what we're not.

Happy? That's what we tell ourselves. This is our lie. And this lie… is all we have.

MR MATHIAS: Laer, we have a tradition of (look at picture) fraternities here in Faeryville college. One that offers life long bonds. Friendships that extend well beyond your academic age.

There are two paths that you may choose here in Faeryville College. One prepares you for greatness and all that the world has to offer; the other is the road of the misguided, a path filled with resistance and romantic distractions.

POE: That's was how it began. The first explosion.


POE: What's it like in a foster home?

LAER: It's a place that no kid wants to be by choice. YOu have to live, study, eat and sleep with people who hate you just as much as you hate them. You learn how to defend yourself.


Ho ho. Were you bullied?

All the time. But I learn to push back. I learn to always get up and push back.



LAER: [Pointing at the altar of W. Ashe Faeke] You know it's a joke. You know it's a lie. A lie so important it's become a god-damn religion.


PRINCIPAL: Teenagers need to be saved from their own ideals. Minds can be moulded. And the wrongdoers can change. If they are given a second chance. 

Do you have a favourite Faeryville Quote? Share with us. 

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