It's Official: Faeryville to hit Singapore theatres in 26 May, 2015, exclusively at Filmgarde Bugis+. This theatrical run will include limited screenings over two weeks. Tickets are open for pre-booking from 7 May at

‘A Different Imagination to the Singapore film’ is how award winning writer-director
Tzang Merwyn Tong pitched Faeryville when it started.

Today, INRI studio is proud to announce that Singapore’s first dystopian teen movie, FAERYVILLE will have its official theatrical launch in Singapore on 26 May, following its successful red carpet world premiere in Los Angeles, USA on 14 Jan 2015. INRI studio will partner with independent Filmgarde Cineplex for this launch. Other partners include motion, F*** magazine, Film Mall and *SCAPE.

“We are glad to have made it this far,” says Tzang. “Faeryville is like a dream. There was a time when we didn’t know if it was even possible to finish it.”

Faeryville is a dystopian teen movie set in an alternate universe, about youth making sense of their idealistic dreams in an increasingly surreal world.  It tells the story of Poe and his friends, a misfit prankster group who tries to get even with their bullies by gatecrashing frat parties and planting fart bombs. Things take a devastating turn when a new boy joins the misfits and inspires them to embrace anarchy and fight the oppression.

“We’ve been told that Singapore is not ready for a genre like ours. But we feel it is our responsibility as artists to brave it through, put it out there, and let the film stand its own test.”

“Audience reaction for our world premiere in LA was spectacular,” says lead actor Lyon Sim. “People really connected emotionally with the film, and the themes of identity and friendship. We can’t wait to bring Faeryville home. We want to show the world that a different kind of Singapore film is possible.”

Faeryville is Tzang’s debut feature film, a work he considers his most ambitious and onerous to date. “I wrote Faeryville to address my own fears and concerns about what’s happening in the world today, with the youth of this generation, dealing with issues we never had to deal with. What’s it like growing up in the Post 9-11 world where nothing is right or wrong anymore? Has idealism become a dangerous thing?”

8 years in the making, and described by the LA audience as a zeitgeist film reflective of the times, Faeryville boasts an ensemble cast, featuring many new exciting faces.  This movie stars Lyon Sim, Aaron Samuel Yong, Jae Leung, Farid Assalam, and will introduce young starlets like Tanya Graham and Jade Griffin acting on screen for the first time.

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Latest Update: The 97-minute dystopian teen movie by underground filmmaker Tzang Merwyn Tong, will be available to Singapore audiences uncut, but will come with a rating of M18 for mature themes.

FAERYVILLE is stylish coming of age film 8-years-in-the-making. Set in an alternate universe, a group of teenage pranksters struggle to find themselves and make sense of their 'teenhood'. They decide that there is no reason in trying to fit-in, and fashioned themselves as willing misfits, calling themselves The Nobodies. They are still losers. Nothing changes, until a new boy joins them and takes them on a path of anarchy and self discovery.

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