Tzang Merwyn Tong (director of Faeryville) is featured alongside veteran alternative filmmakers Lynn Lee (The North Korean Picture Show), Kan Lume (Female Games, SOLOS), Sam Loh (Lang Tong) and Daniel Hui (Snakeskin) in a rare roundtable discussion organised by Asian Film Archive.

"I think it is unnecessary for us as Singaporean filmmakers to 'try' to find or speak with a conscious Singapore voice.... that actually make things unauthentic. We end up being stereotypical. We should just do it by being honest with ourselves." 


Asian Panorama: Singapore Mavericks is a recorded roundtable dialogue with five iconoclastic Singaporean film directors who have displayed individualistic qualities and a fiercely independent mind in their cinematic pursuits. This chosen panel represents a diverse cinematic palette whose bodies of works and recent representative film demonstrate such ethos.
The session provides an exclusive entry point to the minds of these filmmakers as they share their insights and concerns about the state of affairs with their craft and industry.

Daniel Hui (Snakeskin, 2014)
Kan Lumé (The Naked DJ, 2015)
Lynn Lee (Wukan: The Flame of Democracy, 2013)
Sam Loh (Lang Tong, 2014)
Tzang Merwyn Tong (Faeryville, 2015)

Moderated by Thong Kay Wee from the Asian Film Archive.
CHAPTER 1: Panelists Introductions.
(0:00 - 5:22)
CHAPTER 2: A voice in cinema and the construct of a nationhood identity. (5:23 - 25:50)
CHAPTER 3: The notion of a socialistic approach to art-making in Singapore.
(25:51 - 40:41)
CHAPTER 4: Working in the mainstream and operating along the "peripheral". The distinction between television making and film making.
(40:15 - 57:00)
CHAPTER 5: Fears, Freedom and Obstacles
(57:00 - 1:11:31)
CHAPTER 6: The quandary of Budgets in independent filmmaking
(1:11:32 - 1:26:38)
CHAPTER 7: Distribution, Publicity and "Supporting Local"
(1:26:38 - 1:43:17)
CHAPTER 8: To Dream a Dream
(1:43:18 - 1:50:57)

From left, Kan Lume, Sam Loh, Lynn Lee, Tzang Merwyn Tong, Daniel Hui

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