Hear Alex Oh's atmospheric OST theme for Faeryville 

In Tzang Merwyn Tong's Faeryville, Lyon Sim stars - alongside Aaron Samuel Yong, Tanya Graham, Farid Assalam, Jade Griffin, Jae Leung and Kris Moller - as a youth making sense of his rebellion in our increasingly surreal world. First Audiences at the World Premiere in Los Angeles has called Faeryville "A Dystopian Fairytale", "A Mindbomb!" and "a Timely Critique on ideology and influence".

Alex Oh is one of Singapore's most prolific and versatile film composer. His philosophy to scoring is telling the story of the film through music. In his career, he has scored many award-winning features, ranging from comedy, family-oriented, action films like Taxi!Taxi!, My Dog Dou Dou, Imperfect, It's A Great Great World  to darker films like Bait 3D, Rule Number One  and The Maid . He was nominated for Best Original Music Score from Asian Television Awards in 2004 for TV Series, The Frontline.

Alex is one of the few composers in Singapore that uses a large orchestra for a filmscore. His score for Bait 3D is recorded on the Simon Leadley Scoring Stage at Trackdown with the Sydney Scoring Orchestra in Fox Studios, Australia. Bait 3D, distributed by Paramount Pictures, is released in 72 countries worldwide. In his work in Faeryville, Alex Oh's work is dark and broody. See review from Soundtrackgeek.com:

Review from Jørn Tillnes "It’s always exciting to discover something new. Although I am familiar with the composer’s work, it’s been a while and I’ve barely scratched the surface. While his “Bait 3D” score was a fun action-filled ride, Faeryville is different. It’s very dark and brooding, using long synth pads and cello. There’s hardly any percussion here, merely a subtle bass percussion line. It’s pure mood for the first few cues. There are also subtle hints of choir music. It’s buried in the mix, but it’s present particularly in the first cue. There’s no theme to talk about until a few guitar notes near the end of ‘Laer’. Not until ‘Fidei Defensor’ we get something different. Not so subtle choir and a strong electronic melody line with percussion. My favourite moment of the score though is ‘Mother Saint’ which sound almost uplifting. It’s “heavenly” sounding vocal is really good along with a lovely melody line. It is in fact so good I got goose bumps listening to it. I love surprises like that. There are still a few more surprises like the finale of ‘Take Over Or Be Taken Over’ and the guitar heavy ‘Baptism Of Fire’. There is also the massive 12 minute track ‘We Still Have A Soul’ near the end and this is where the action has been hidden. There are some excellent action bits in here, although short, but quite many of them. It’s a bit disjointed, but there are bits and pieces in here that’s pretty great."

Also featured in Faeryville, are music contributions from In Each Hand a Cutlass, ANECHOIS and The Great Spy Experiment.


Watch Official Trailer #2 "Freedom" of FAERYVILLE.
It's Official, Faeryville is Out Now on Amazon & Vimeo.

This trailer features explosive never-before-seen content, with a special soundtrack by Amanda Ling.
URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8LqQwT1IdA 

★★★★ "A Fairy Tale of Nightmarish Real World Consequences." - POWER OF POP

Singapore's first dystopian youth film, FAERYVILLE is out now on AMAZON & VIMEO.
Watch it On Demand here: http://www.faeryville.com/ondemand 

FAERYVILLE is a dystopian youth film set in an alternate universe - by award winning indie / underground filmmaker Tzang Merwyn Tong, dedicated to misfits and dreamers.

Synopsis: After a recent shooting in Faeryville College, fraternities are picking on misfits. Poe and his friends are such misfits. They are used to being pushed around, happy to just get by - as 'Nobodies'. Until one day, a transfer student joins them. He shames them for embracing their 'misfithood' and inspires them to rise above. Together, they stand up to the bullying frats and take on the establishment, first with fart bombs, and later with home-made bombs. Youthful idealism soon becomes an excuse for all-out-anarchy.

Faeryville may be set in a fictitious world, but it explores real fears of the post-9-11 generation and how 'ideology can be a dangerous thing' - thus the theme, 'be afraid of what you fight for'.

WINNER of "Best Original Story" / Official Selection at 2015 FLIXX Festival, USA

"A Cinematic Universe... bleak, exciting, surprising!" - Twitch

"Original and uber-hip... brimming with spunk, intensity and sassy
ideas!" - Hollywoodscript.com

"An impressive blend of story, politics and stunning visuals!" - FLIXX Festival

World Premiere / The LA Downtown Independent Theatre - Los Angeles, CA

Closing Night Film / Official Selection at 2015 Brisbane Festival, Australia

Watch Now on VOD
On Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AMPSEIM
On Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/faeryville
(For a limited time, at 3.99 USD on Vimeo)

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Be Afraid of what you Fight For


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FAERYVILLE will be available for the first time to mainstream audiences. The film will get a US release on Amazon on 5 April 2016.

"A Cinematic Universe... bleak, exciting, surprising!" - Twitch
★★★★ "A Brave & Remarkable Vision." - Power of Pop 

"We're proud to be a part of Tzang Merwyn Tong’s journey – building a new kind of Singapore cinema for a new generation of film lovers." - F*** magazine


Now available for Pre-Order: faeryville.com/ondemand

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After a world premiere, a festival run and limited theatrical release, underground dystopian film, ‘Faeryville’ is finally coming to VOD. Hear what the first audiences in LA has to say when FAERYVILLE made its World Premiere a year ago.

Faeryville premieres on AMAZON & VIMEO on 5 April 2016
To Pre-Order, visit www.faeryville.com/ondemand
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