Tzang Merwyn Tong (director of V1K1 + A Wicked Tale) launches a new Music Video Workshop for aspiring rock stars at Republic Polytechnic's Ignite Music Festival. The workshop designed by Tzang for Thunder Rock Music School hopes to empower musicians, Rock, Rap, Metal or Pop, with skills to shoot their own Music Videos, using whatever equipment they have, to create powerful videos.

Workshops will be held on the premises of Thunder Rock School, and is open to all bands and individuals (not restricted to RP). Participants will be mentored by Tzang to build their own MVs.

For more information on the Workshop, visit Thunder Rock School on, or call 68416806, or email
Photos by Thunder Rock.

Back to the city where a Mid Sommer Night's Dream was born, V1K1 premiered at The Courtyard Theatre Hoxton to a full house crowd. This Poster placed at the entrance of the Theatre was stolen off the wall before midnight.
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