'e'TZAINTES - giving self deceit a better name' (2003). This is the no-budget teenage black comedy that got the revolution started. The first film of writer-director Tzang Merwyn Tong, produced with Lee Amizadai and Armen Rizal Rahman, when they were 19 year olds, using school equipment (without permission), recycled SVHS tapes and a cast of 30++ teenagers - all misfits, from gangs, cults, churches, schools and IRC chat groups.

A film about the spirit of the underdog triumphing against oppression. A film made by nobodies.
e'Tzaintes was the Opening Night Film of the Berlin Asia-Pacific Film Festival 2004. Winner of the Bronze Remi Award (Independent/ Experimental Category) at the Houston WorldFest 2003. Screened as part of the Asian New Force at the Hong Kong IFVA Festival 2003.

Arsenal of Flyers. Mini DV Tapes. Tzaintes T-shirts and VCDs.
Photos by Lee Amizadai

e'Tzaintes (2003) Unofficial Trailer:

'Tzaintes Not Dead' a fan-made tribute Music Video (featuring Aerosmith's Amazing):

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