It Ain't Easy Being Mean

Being the "bad guy" is not exactly fun. You have to endure the contempt and judgement of everyone on set, be extra nice off-camera, and go back to being a professional jerk when the camera rolls. Kind of taxing.

Nevertheless, Austrailian actor, Jordan Prainito, who was 18 then, took the role of a Bully in Tzang Merwyn Tong's FAERYVILLE like a champ, holding the torch of villainy aloft without an ounce of self-pity. Far from his "Jock" persona in his first feature film, Jordan is a hard working young talent who gives a lot to the roles he plays. 

This young actor has worked with HBO, Shooting Gallery Asia, Infinite Studios, ABC, INRI Studio, Canningvale Australia and through these experiences, rubbed shoulders with numerous directors and master teachers such as Tony Knight, Nikki Snelson and Peter Andrikis. Read on to find out what his experience on Faeryville is like.Article by Jeevan K.

You play a Jock in Faeryville. How close is that to you in real life?

To be honest, at that time, it was probably a little too close to me than I would have liked! But I was going through a big “re-assessment” stage at the time and this role came at a perfect time for me.

Do you have difficulty playing a character that is so much of a cliche. The Jock/ Bully. 

Now you are making me recall a lot! Well, I always like to over prepare with my roles and so I created a world for him (I had to dig this out of my diary). He was given every educational opportunity but he had a worsening, mutually destructive relationship with his father which, rocked his personal stability (as you will see, in the film he explodes at times). This enabled him to have an emotional disconnection with the world around him. I found that he could be curious about his fellow students and the outcomes of his own actions, but only in a detached and clinical way. Although when we see a close friend of his perish, we see there is still hope for him yet.

You seem like an athletic person yourself. What's your fitness regime like?  

Nowadays due to the pressures in the industry to keep in shape I work out 5 times a week. Weights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Cardio (Sprints, etc.) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
On top of that I currently do kick boxing and rock climbing classes. I’ve been brought up in a household where my brother and I were taught to be well equipped for most situations, at the time I was focusing on Krav Maga. Which is essentially about disabling multiple opponents in as quick as time possible, heaps of fun by the way!

Disabling... Heaps of fun? Hmmmm. What do you think the role of 'the bully' is in society?

I hate to think in stereotypes or ‘roles’ in society as I believe that it limits myself as an actor. A bully does not think he is a bully, just like a murderer doesn't think he has done anything wrong, he believes that his actions were justified. 

But if we had to put it in a box per se, I would sum it up that the bully’s main function in society is to bring the true leaders out in people. Essentially, who has the balls to stand up and take them head on. 

You were only 18 when you were casted for Faeryville meaning, you were playing the actual age of the bullies in the film. How did that feel? 

Yes, I was 18! I feel old now! Well, if anything it made my job slightly easier as, I could recall past instances in high-school quite vividly.

Were you still in school then?

Yes, I was. Graduated earlier this year from Lasalle College of the Arts: Musical Theatre with first class honours... Thank God!

Let's talk about girls. What kind of girls do you like?

I’ve never really liked a ‘kind’ of girl. The most important attribute for me in a girl is her ability to make me listen and laugh with her.

Are you also a player in real life? 

At the time (of the filming), unfortunately I was! But we all mature and learn eventually.

Describe your ideal date. 

Currently I am in Melbourne about to shoot a mini-series for ABC with a bunch of Australian stars and I am actually (as a surprise) taking a girl on set with me so she can see what it is like. I hope she doesn’t freak out…

What are the most provocative film / films you've watched?

Off the top of my head: ’A Clockwork Orange’ (1971), ‘I Spit On Your Grave’ (1978), ‘Requiem for a Dream’ (2000), ‘Irreversible’ (2002, French) and ‘The Dreamers’ (2003).

I love to be pushed out of my comfort zone which, is essentially why I am an actor! All of these films will do that to you in different ways.

How do you think people will react to a film like Faeryville?

I think it is going to be an absolute treasure of Singaporean Film one day. Why? Because it breaks the rules. Having lived in Singapore for 3 years, this film holds a stark mirror up to the community and asks us all; what would you fight for?

What does 'Be Afraid of what you fight for' mean to you? 

Fear keeps us alive, and always do what you are afraid to do. 

What will you stand for / fight for in real life? 

For my family, my country and my friends. For true equality and freedom.

Jordan Prainito will play Anthony, a Jock in the Calvary Fraternity, in upcoming feature film, FAERYVILLE, a dystopian teen movie by Tzang Merwyn Tong. He is currently represented by Gary Jones of Smith and Jones Management based in Sydney. 

FAERYVILLE will make its World Premiere in Los Angeles in January 2015.

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