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I'd like to introduce to everyone to my co-producer, Armen Rizal Rahman, the man behind the music of e'TZAINTES + A WICKED TALE, the Danny Elfman of INRI studio (in case you don't know, Danny Elfman is the composer who did the music for most Tim Burton movies, including Batman, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow and even Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

Music is to me one of the most important factors of filmmaking and it is so important to work with somebody who understands the story inside out. For it is with music that the undertones are delivered, filling up parts that visuals, colour, words and movement cannot express.

It is hard to believe that the music for e'TZAINTES and A WICKED TALE is done by the same person, just like it's hard to believe that e'TZAINTES and A WICKED TALE is written by the same writer too. They are two very different films that require different types of musical style. For e'TZAINTES, to be loud, imposing and majestic to celebrate the decadence of youth. For A WICKED TALE, to be almost invisible, atmospheric, to create a sense of tension and psychological manipulation, that is in appropriate for the fairytale.

A lot of research has been put into our work. From cinematography to props, acting style to set design, art direction and makeup, storytelling style and music. No one aspect is less important than the other. We know we do not have a big budget for our work. We were amateurs when we first started. But that does not stop us from investing time, energy, spirit and dedication. That's passion I guess. The edge that allows us to do what we do in spite of all the odds that stand in our way. And it is infectious! (Tzang M)

For those of you interested to DOWNLOAD the two songs in the e'TZAINTES EP composed by Armen, log on to and click on the download button.

1) CATASTROPHE by Ubermensch featuring Wesley Choo
2) STREAKS by Ubermensch featuring Wesley Choo
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