Dear friends,

The wait is over. The lines are open. Wickedness officially begins this Saturday! $6 for both [e'TZAINTES] + A WICKED TALE.

For wicked phone bookings, call: 6336 9707

For online bookings, email:
Tickets also available from the box office at Sinema Old School. (Book early to avoid disappointment. Don't say we didn't warn ya.)

Have you seen the trailer for A WICKED TALE?
It's now up on


Saturday 16 Aug: 7.45pm (Opening Night)

Saturday 16 Aug: 9.15pm
(Opening Night)

Sunday 17th Aug: 7pm

Friday 22nd Aug:7pm

Saturday 23rd: 7.45pm

Sunday 24th Aug: 2.30pm

Friday 29th Aug: 9pm

Saturday 30th Aug : 4.15pm

Sunday 31st Aug: 6pm

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