It's the 'second coming' that internet people have been anticipating... and i'm glad that they don't have to wait that long. The link is here. You have to see it for yourself.

With the running out of original first edition, and it being unable for the longest time, A WICKED TALE is now being re-released on DVD!

Once again, it's the word of mouth that got this opportunity happening. Curious people from all over the world has chanced upon AWT upon its first release... or while it is travelling at the festival circuit, and am I glad that - of this handful who watched it and got surprised, more get to know about it.

That's the perfect advertising in my opinion. The germinating and multiplying of opinions... good or bad. Your willingness to spread the word and poison more minds... because you just bring yourself to suffer alone. Hehe... maybe i'm exagerating. But still... i want to say thanks. Just not too long ago, (even now), I'm exactly like that - with my movie selection habits.

Most of the films I fell in love with were not introduced through advertising, but discovered because 1) I was curious, 2) because it was recommended by friends... who chanced upon it because they were curious.
So thank you for being curious. I'm glad that the title/artwork has intrigued you enough .... to make you put money out to buy it. And thank you to the people who emailed to tell me that they felt rewarded... ie. not disappointed... it's rewarding for me to hear from you too.

Curiosity is sexual. Curiosity rewards... both ways. This wickedness cannot sit alone. It must be shared. To all who like to seek and discover strange little films in weird little corners, I dedicate this international edition is dedicated to you.

Get it before it sells itself out again. (Tzang M.)
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