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Why did I make A WICKED TALE?

It's a frequent question. I guess, it's because of something i wanted to say... something about innocence, seduction and manipulation... and i thought it's best said through film.

Little Red Riding Hood has always been a special fairytale to me. It was one of the first stories I fell in love with. I have many questions that are unanswered about Lil' Red when I was a kid. Questions I was too young to ask ... let alone answer. Why did this little girl stop to talk to the stranger? Didn't the mother already warn her? Or did warning make her more curious about the unknown and the forbidden? Are little girls turned on by danger? Is she aware of her attractiveness (sexuality)? Did she unconsciously try to seduce the wolf?

As i venture into adult hood, I noticed similar themes tackled in other stories. Bram Stoker's Dracula. Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. Girls who allowed themselves to be seduced... to see how far their monsters will go before they try to exit... but usually fail when they do so. I start to call it the Little Red Riding Hood syndrome.

After the rowdy e'TZAINTES chapter, I thought I should do something different. Something that is not funny. Something psychological rather than philosophical. Something internal. Something that cannot be discussed easily, because of how personal the themes are. It's a great challenge for me. to try to operate and succeed on two levels, visually and psychologically. It is a film that will let me know if I am the storyteller I think I am.

As my co-director/producer, Selvam Dass, puts it, A WICKED TALE is a film about 'the extremities of the human psyche'. He didn't like the story when i first told it to him. He thought it was too dark. I can even say he was 'put off', because he didn't talk to me for 4 days after that. But we met again and he decided to do it with me, anyway. He sees the strong reaction he gets from the story as a reason for him to work on the film.

And thus, A WICKED TALE was born. (Tzang M.)


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