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Tzang Merwyn Tong's 2010 collaboration with the staff and students of ITE College West.

"It's one enjoyable filmmaking experience, owing much to the ITE students, ITE staff and the Team involved in V1k1 - collectively known as The Dreammakers. I like it that I get to collaborate with Producer and Veteran Art Director Samantha Sng, with Kian Seng from ITE College West on Visual Effects, and Amanda Ling (ex-Electrico keyboardist) on Music and sound design.

I like it that there are many parts to a film. Many parts to make a film work. Many ways a film can fail. It is this unpredictability that brings out the madness of everyone involved. And speaking of unpredictability, we have a whole crew of students (aged 16-19) to work with.

Whatever these students lack in experience, they matched it and doubled it with passion... the word that the industry use so much... but rarely understood what it meant once they graduate into the 'real world'. Even the actors are infected by the Dreammaker spirit. Can't wait for the day it gets screened. It's all in ITE's hands now." - Tzang M.

V1k1 is expected to tour Film Festivals in 2011.

Little by little step by step, we're making history. Names of People who have contributed to The Save The FRVL Project Fund - the very names that will be immortalized in our film when we get it made.

- Woei Na, designer
- Chew Soo Wei, personality
- Caroline Cheong, actress
- Lisa Twang, writer
- Jon Teck Teo
- Jerald Ang
- Nicco Lim
- Mio Shiraishi, doctor
- Fion Boon
- Cheryl Lee
- Rina Rosli, method maverick
- Hajar Manaf, content queen
- Edict Navarro, media maestro
- Junyi Zhao, designer
- Nadia Nahar Azmi
- Amanda Kwok
- Rio Matthew, mograph artist
- Juliana Mattar, boss
- Eva Fang YH

- Rebecca Tan, designer
- Lee Amizadai, producer
- Danny Tan, entrepreneur
- Melissa De Silva, dreammer
- Linda Ong, Lunarin musician
- Leanna Tan, actress
- Lyon Sim, actor
- Amanda Ling, Musician
- Samantha De Silva, Novelist
- Liew Shi Xiong, Filmmaker
- Tan Jin San, Executive
- Siau Xindi, Stylist
- Ruth Tay, Student
- Muerte Bella, Artist

Highest Donations
1) Mio Shiraishi, $310
2) Chew Soo Wei, $100
3) Lee Amizadai, $100
4) Eva Fang, $62
5) Tan Jin San, $62
6) Amanda Ling, musician, $50
7) Linda Ong, $50
8) Leanna Tan, $50
9) Samantha De Silva, novelist $50
10) Cheryl Lee, $50
11) Ruth Tay, $50
12) Jon Teck Teo, $50
13) Lisa Twang, $50

Thanks for the encouraging start. I received many good msgs that more will be coming. Appreciate it. Will look forward to your support.

"I may not be able to give 31 bucks but I can give in 31 hours instead. Or more than that. :)" - Esther Tay, Student

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